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Septic Systems Installed & Maintained in Saltford BS31

Saltford Septic Tank Compliance Inspections

Since 2020 the law has stated that if you have a property with a septic tank – or any sort of private waste management system – it must be compliant with the general binding rules. These rules are that the tank cannot be allowed to discharge effluent into a watercourse, like a lake, pond or river.

These rules are especially important in an area like Saltford on the River Avon between the cities of Bristol and Bath. This is because the village of Saltford and the surrounding BS31 postcode area is low-lying and susceptible to flooding. A badly installed septic tank, an outdated septic tank or any type of sewage treatment system with a soakaway or drainage field in Saltford could cause problems if the water table rises.

If you’re worried about the legality and operation of your septic tank in Saltford, as the local drain specialists we offer professional compliance surveys and inspections, along with advice about how to upgrade your private drainage system to make it legal and non-polluting.

We’re experts at planning, siting and installing septic tanks and other private sewage treatment equipment in Saltford to best advantage on your property, and offer an ongoing maintenance service.

Saltford Residential & Commercial CCTV Drain Surveys

Besides installing and monitoring septic tanks in Saltford, we are also the local specialists for carrying out CCTV drain surveys in Saltford village and its residential areas, including those north of the A4 like Broadway Estate, Kelston Close and Homefield Road.

People buying properties in Saltford are advised to commission us to perform a CCTV drain survey to ascertain the condition of the pipework and the extent of the drainage system. We provide detailed reports – accepted by architects, builders, water authorities, insurance companies and other relevant bodies – along with a diagram of the drains on the property.

These Home Buyers’ CCTV drain surveys in Saltford take just a few hours to complete, and are well worth the reasonable fee, revealing to prospective buyers exactly what lies beneath the property they are considering investing in.

We also carry out drain surveys in Saltford for home and commercial property owners who are planning to carry out building work to extend, improve or develop their properties. A Saltford drain survey means there will be no accidental impact on the existing drain infrastructure by any planned works.

Blocked Drain Clearance in Saltford

We’re an independent, family-run drain company which has been operating in and around Saltford for more than 15 years. We’ve earned a reputation for quick, efficient and effective service when it comes for calls to unblock and fix clogs in Saltford drainage systems.

We know how disturbing and even disgusting it can be to have your toilet overflow in Saltford, your shower or bath drains back up with scummy waste water, or your kitchen sink give off foul odours and gurgle ominously.

Based in nearby Bath we can be in Saltford to resolve blocked drains in a hurry. We carry all the tools and equipment we need to identify and clear Saltford drain blockages with the minimum of mess and disruption.

If the cause of the blockage isn’t immediately apparent we can inspect deep into the drains using CCTV camera equipment to find the problem, and clear the obstruction with drain rodding or drain jetting in Saltford. Our experts can advise you on fixing any drain defects or faults that have caused a blockage such as cracks in pipes or a build-up of limescale.