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Home Buyer’s Camera Survey

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A Detailed Examination of a Property’s Drains

When you find the perfect property to buy as your new home, workplace or as an investment it’s an exciting prospect. You will probably be considering all sorts of things, like perhaps installing a new kitchen, even having the electrics and boiler checked – but it’s easy to overlook the drainage system. 

The state of the drains on a property is not something that immediately comes to mind, but its something that certainly will be noticed if a problem develops. 

Things like blockages, cracked pipes and leaks in drains can exist for some time before they become apparent and then have to be repaired, often at great cost and inconvenience.  

As a property buyer you can make sure there are no nasty drainage system surprises lurking to trip you up in the future by commissioning a professional drain camera survey to identify any faults – or even potential faults. 

As Drainage Surveying Specialists covering Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and the surrounding areas we offer a detailed, thorough home buyer’s camera survey of the drains for prospective buyers, which should be part of your “due diligence” when checking out a property. 

Exploring the Drainage Network

We are equipped with high-tech CCTV camera equipment specially designed to explore the drainage network on a property, sending live footage to a screen that is monitored by our drainage engineers.  

With their expert eyes our engineers can spot any anomalies as the camera travels through the drainage system, like small cracks in pipes that may become big breakages, or the incursion of tree roots that could eventually split a pipe apart.  

If potential problems are spotted early they can be remedied quickly and inexpensively using modern drain repair techniques that obviate having to resort to costly and messy excavation. 

Knowing the condition of the drains in a property you are planning to buy is not only useful when you’re weighing up whether the property is good value for money, but also can help with insurance cover should you go ahead with the purchase. 

Industry Standard Report & Drain Diagram

In order to arrange to have us carry out a home buyer’s camera survey you will need to obtain the permission of the vendor and/or the property agent. Depending on the size of the property and drainage system a full survey will take several hours, so it is preferable to allow a day to complete the work. 

After the survey we will furnish you with a comprehensive industry standard written report (accepted by water authorities and insurance companies) which will not only show you the details of any flaws in the drainage system, but also include a diagram of the system, which is very useful for any future development on the site.  

If problems are detected we’ll recommend remedial action. 

If all is well with the drainage system on the property as the prospective purchaser you can rest easy. Should we identify any issues you will have advance warning of what you are dealing with under the surface, and be able to make an informed decision about going ahead with your purchase. 

Either way, investing in a home buyer’s camera survey is wise and worth it.