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Stay Ahead of Potential Drain Problems

As a property owner you no doubt spend a great deal of time and money on maintenance. Most of us know straight away if there’s a problem with the roof, because there will be a growing damp patch, or that the heating needs attention if the radiators have cold spots.  

How often, though, do you wonder how the drains under your house are holding up? It probably won’t be until you put your property on the market, decide to remodel or add an extension, or start seeing signs of a failing drain that you will spare a thought for those hidden pipes, channels, traps and tanks that carry waste water away. 

When you do have cause to consider the drains it is extremely helpful to commission a drain survey. In fact, you should have your drains checked every few years as a matter of course as part of your ongoing property maintenance, so you can stay one step ahead of any potential problems and prevent costly major repairs occasioned by neglect. 

We offer comprehensive CCTV drain surveys in Bath and North East Somerset, as well as in Bristol and surrounding areas, which can give you a detailed picture of the general condition of the drains on your domestic or commercial property. 

Why Have a General Condition Drain Survey?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to have your drainage system surveyed periodically: 

  • The survey will come with a report identifying any potential issues which can be timeously rectified 
  • The survey includes a diagram of the drainage system – vital if you plan any extensions or remodelling, or even garden landscaping 
  • Knowing the location and condition of the drains can be factored in to your long-term plans for developing the property and grounds 
  • A survey is often necessary for buildings insurance cover 
  • If/when you sell the property you will be able to attest to the soundness of the drains 

A drain survey does not take much time or involve a great deal of disruption. We simply send our state-of-the-art camera down a convenient drain, and monitor it on a full-colour high definition screen as it explores the system, enabling our expert engineers to see every part of the system and identify any anomalies. 

If you consider that undetected damaged, broken or clogged drains can cause serious issues with damp and subsidence over time you’ll realise that a professional drain survey is a worthwhile investment. 

Signs You Need a Drain Survey

We would highly recommend that you call us in to carry out a drain condition survey if you notice any of the following signs and symptoms that might indicate a blockage or damaged drain system: 

  • Slow draining sink, bath and/or shower, or water backing up through the plughole 
  • A smell of sewage or odour of mould coming from sinks and bathtub 
  • Toilet backing up or even overflowing 
  • Gurgling sounds or air bubbles rising from plugholes, drains and toilets 
  • Water standing around the washing machine or dishwasher, which could have come from the drain pipe rather than the appliance itself 
  • A waterlogged area outdoors could indicate damage to the sewer line

In any of these cases we’d expect a drain survey to show up blockages, structural issues like fractured or collapsed pipes, root intrusion into pipes or even defective pitch fibre pipes which used to be installed on old properties. 

These problems can usually be remedied with various “no-dig” techniques before they result in more serious issues.