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Drainage Specialists in Box SN13 BS31

Professional CCTV Drain Surveys in Box, Wiltshire

Limestone was quarried in and around the village of Box, just a few miles from the city of Bath, since Roman times. Quarrying ceased in 1969 but many of Bath’s stone buildings, along with iconic abbeys and manor houses in the surrounding area, owe their existence to the desirable limestone carved out of the hillsides around Box.

Box is situated in the Bybrook Valley, surrounded by steep hillsides, cliffs and quarry-scarred landscape, so good drainage is particularly important in Box village and the surrounding SN13 postcode area.

Fortunately, our drain engineers from The Drain Specialists in Bath are based just a short distance from Box, available to undertake all kinds of drain and septic tank CCTV surveys and inspections, as well as being available for clearing blocked drains and sinks in Box.

We specialise in carrying out homebuyers’, pre-build and general condition drain surveys in Box, Ashley, Box Hill, Hazelbury Manor, the hamlets of Alcombe, Blue Vein, Chapel Plaister, Ditteridge, Henley, Kingsdown, Middlehill, Wadswick, and Rudloe housing estate.

When Do You Need a Drain Survey in Box?

Our professional drain surveys in Box are useful – and often necessary – for a variety of reasons:

  • People planning to buy homes in Box or the surrounding area can find out if there are any problems with the drains on the Box property before committing to the purchase. Often this is a requirement of the mortgage lender or for insurance purposes, besides being useful information for the homebuyer.
  • Pre-build drain camera surveys in Box deliver valuable insight into the positioning and condition of the existing drainage system if you are going to build over the ground to add an extension to your property.
  • General condition drain surveys in Box are usually carried out as a preventive measure as part of a drain maintenance schedule to keep drains healthy, or when there are signs of a drainage problem like a slow draining sink in Box, or waterlogged area in the garden.

After each Keynsham CCTV drain survey that we carry out we give you an industry standard report, accepted by architects, water authorities, building companies and surveyors, along with a full diagram of your drainage network.

Drain Survey Reports & Diagrams in SN13

Our drain surveys in Box are carried out without making any mess or causing a disruption. Our drain engineers in Box simply send our state-of-the-art camera down a convenient drain on your property and set it off to explore the system, while we monitor it on a full-colour high-definition screen.

Once we have surveyed the drains we’ll issue you with a report identifying any drain issues which we came across on your Box property, and suggestions for rectifying these. Some of the things that a drain survey may show up are structural issues like fractured or collapsed pipes, root intrusion into pipes, or defective old pitch fibre pipes. Most of these can be fixed using “no-dig” drain lining technology.

We’ll also give you a diagram of the drainage system on your property in Box, for future reference. This can be extremely useful for reference not only if any future drain blockages occur, but also if you plan to do any excavation work in your garden or grounds for building or landscaping purposes. It’s good to know where your drains in Box are situated.