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Drain Surveying & Clearance in Keynsham BS31

Keynsham CCTV Camera Drain Surveys

Property owners in Keynsham – the busy commuter town lying half-way between the cities of Bath and Bristol in North East Somerset – depend on local firm, The Drain Specialists, when they need a professional drain survey completed.

We can undertake drain system surveys in Keynsham for all sorts of properties, from private homes to big commercial buildings, making a thorough and detailed examination of the drain network using our state-of-the-art CCTV camera equipment.

Based in Bath, we’re “on the spot” when you need a drain survey in Keynsham or anywhere in the surrounding BS31 postcode area.

There are many reasons why you may consider having the drains on your property in Keynsham checked, from the need to discover the source of a stubborn blockage to requiring a diagram of the pipework and sewers that lay beneath the ground before you build over or develop on your land.

When you want to be sure you are getting a precise, professional and detailed drain survey in Keynsham, give us a call and we’ll get the job done.

Home-Buyer’s Drain Surveys in Keynsham BS31

We take commissions for different types of drain surveys in Keynsham, each carried out the same way but with a specific purpose in mind:

  • Home Buyers’ Drain Surveys in Keynsham are designed for prospective property purchasers who want a complete picture of the drainage system on the house they are keen to purchase. In some cases these are required by mortgage lenders.
  • Pre- and Post- Build Drain Surveys in Keynsham ensures you can build confidently over ground without risking damage or disruption of existing drains.
  • General Drain Condition Surveys in Keynsham can be carried out periodically to pre-empt any potential drain problems.

After each Keynsham CCTV drain survey that we carry out we give you an industry standard report, accepted by architects, water authorities, building companies and surveyors, along with a full diagram of your drainage network.

Drains Unblocked in Keynsham BS31

The Drain Specialists are the people to call when you face the unpleasant experience of having a blocked drain in Keynsham. If you’ve tried all the DIY routes for unblocking your plughole – from a plunger to a chemical unblocker – without success, we’ll be able to get the water flowing freely again.

Usually drain pipes are blocked in Keynsham by unsuitable, non-biodegradable items or substances that have been flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink. These we can deal with quickly, and always advise on taking measures like using plughole guards or traps to prevent things like fats or coffee grounds from building up and blocking the u-bend, or hair and soap scum clogging the shower outlet.

If the blockage is more serious and deep in the drain network however, we’ll use our CCTV Camera equipment to find it. We can clear drain blockages in Keynsham using our high-pressure water jetting equipment, or in some cases drain rodding.  We’ll get the waste water running away safely without having to dig up any drains.

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